Staff Management | SMX Wins Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing® Client Award

Staff Management | SMX Wins Inavero's 2014 Best of Staffing Client AwardWe are pleased to announce that we’ve been named one of Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing® Client Award winners. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, the fifth annual Best of Staffing Award provides the only statistically valid and objective service quality benchmarks for the industry, revealing which staffing providers deliver the highest quality of service to their clients.

Less than two percent of all staffing agencies in the U.S. and Canada receive the Best of Staffing Award for service excellence utilizing the Net Promoter® methodology. Staff Management | SMX achieved a satisfaction score for client service quality that is more than nine times greater than the industry average.

“Achieving a satisfaction score for client service quality that leads the industry and winning Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing® Client Award is great validation of our commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service and innovation in HR technology,” said Joan Davison, President and Chief Operating Officer, Staff Management | SMX. “We are grateful to our clients for their partnership and proud to be recognized for our efforts in this way.”

“The staffing industry is helping organizations bridge the skills gap and add jobs today more than at any other point in U.S. history,” said Inavero Founder and CEO, Eric Gregg. “Between the well documented skills gaps and economic uncertainty, partnering with a top staffing agency is more important now than ever. The 2014 Best of Staffing Award was earned by less than 2% of the more than 12,000 staffing firms in the U.S. and Canada. In an era of scarce qualified talent, hard to fill positions, and ever-increasing expectations, these agencies have proven they have what it takes to deliver exceptional service to both clients and job candidates. We’re proud of the accomplishments of our 2014 award recipients.”

To learn how our award-winning staffing solutions can benefit you, please visit or call us today at 800.746.9462.

®Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the percentage of respondents who, on a scale of 0 to 10, rate their likelihood to recommend the staffing agency with a score of 9 or 10 (promoters) and subtracting the percentage who rate the staffing agency a 6 or lower (detractors).

Caroline Storey-Sabetti

Employment Trends January

According to the Staffing Industry Report webinar, hosted by the Staffing Industry Analysts, U.S. employment increased by 74,000 jobs last month. This is a small increase compared to an averaged monthly job gain of 182,000 in 2013, so it is likely that this data has some inaccuracies and will be revised upwards next month. The number of unemployed persons declined and the unemployment rate decreased to 6.7% in December. On a year-over-year basis, US payroll employment was up 1.6% in December.

Temporary employment is reported to have gained 40,400 jobs in December. Temporary unemployment yielded 16,400 temporary jobs in November, so even though temporary employment was expected to prosper into 2014, it’s likely that a number as high as 40,400 will be revised downward in January. Without a revision, an addition of 40,400 temporary help jobs would mark the greatest increase in temporary help employment in nearly two years. In our previous post we mentioned that the temporary penetration rate was nearing 2.03%, a high last recorded in April of 2000. In December 2013, the temporary penetration rate actually exceeded this figure at 2.06%. It was a good year for the staffing industry as temporary help employment increased 9.6% year-over-year in December and monthly jobs gains in the temporary help sector averaged 20,600. In fact, Career Builder reports that 42% of employers say that they plan to hire temporary and contract workers, a 2% increase from last year. This marks a 14% increase since 2009.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industries that were most influential in driving employment growth included retail trade, temporary help and wholesale trade. Professional and business services, manufacturing and mining edged up in employment for the month of December as well. Employment in information and construction decreased while employment in other major industries, including transportation and warehousing, financial activities, leisure and hospitality, and government experienced little change.


The Power of One

Monica Flores

In our recent blog post, Staff Management | SMX Holiday Appreciation in Archbold, we shared a story about how our organization gave back this season. A collective effort can cause a big impact, however Monica Flores, Global Finance Manager at Staff Management | SMX, showcased the powerful influence an individual can have in making a difference.

Earlier in the month Monica organized a benefit for her friend Carlos J Leon Jr., who had been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. The event took place on December 1st at AG Lounge in Chicago. Carlos is a huge Bears fan, so the event centered on enjoying some food and beverages while watching a Bears vs. Vikings game. Several donations from different small business owners in the Chicagoland area were obtained at the event. Carlos and his wife Jamee have a daughter who is a freshman in college and a son who is a freshman in high school. Upon being diagnosed with cancer, his family went from a two parent income to a single parent income household. The event was organized to help the family relieve some of the financial burden and put their efforts into caring for Carlos.

Maurice Profit, former Client Service Coordinator  at Staff Management | SMX, recently sat down to interview Monica Flores about the event.

How has your friend’s cancer diagnosis impacted you personally?

“So many young people are being diagnosed with cancer and it really hits home when it’s someone you know and it makes you realize that this disease can affect anyone. When I heard about Carlos’ illness, I truly wanted to do something to help him.”

Has organizing this event given you a renewed outlook in terms of health and wellness?

“It has made me appreciate life so much more and appreciate those in my life. It’s never too early or too late to begin focusing on your health and well-being. Yes, it can be a long and arduous journey, but when you see a friend fighting for his life, it makes you really appreciate your own health.”

What inspired you to organize this event?

“We had a couple of goals in mind for this event; raise funds for the Leon Family and raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. We are hoping that Carlos feels all the love and support from the event and that it helps with his recovery. Positive energy and having positive friends/family around are just as important for his recovery as are the medical treatments.”

Do you have tips on how others can be involved?

“Educate yourself on this disease and help to raise funds for not only Carlos but for all of those living with pancreatic cancer. According to, “It is estimated that 45,220 new pancreatic cancer cases will be diagnosed across the US in 2013. While most other cancer rates (breast, prostate, lung and colon) showed a downward trend over the past decade, the rate of pancreatic cancer has increased at a rate of 0.9% per year for African American men, Caucasian men and women.”

For more information regarding the event, please visit the event Facebook page at


Maurice Proffit

Career Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, a time to reflect on the past twelve months and look forward to a fresh start in the year ahead. Many people will come up with New Year’s Resolutions, however only a few will actually have a road map in place to attain their goals. Although it is not necessary to have an extremely specific plan to reach your objective(s), it is good practice to have a rough idea of what you will need to do to get to where you want to be. CBS MoneyWatch came up with ten excellent tips for people who seek a brighter career in 2014:

1. Learn a new skill in your field
2. Learn a new skill not in your field
3. Meet with your boss regularly
4. Revise your resume
5. Find someone a job
6. Post a copy of your objectives where you’ll see them
7. Document your accomplishments throughout the year
8. Find a mentor
9. Look for a new job
10. Be a mentor

Without reading further into these tips, a few themes are apparent; maintaining an attractive skill set, never letting yourself or others lose sight of what you want and helping others. Tips one, two and nine are indicative of the need to constantly improve and learn new things so that you continue to be an asset to employers and attain skills that are currently in demand. Tips three, four, six, seven and eight highlight the importance of reminding yourself and your career influencer(s) of your goals and accomplishments. Whether its conversations with others or personal reminders, staying aware of your objectives will prevent you from losing focus. Lastly, tips five and ten serve as a reminder to give back. Nobody gets from point A to point B without a little help from others, so pay it forward and present somebody else with an opportunity, it can be a great way to network and you’ll feel good too! You can reference the article for more information on how tips one through ten can help your career blossom.

Regardless if you are trying to enhance your career or improve your health, the one thing that this article doesn’t mention is patience. It’s rare for something to change overnight, so make sure your timeframe for reaching New Year’s Resolutions is realistic. Good luck to all in 2014.

What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2014?


Staff Management | SMX Holiday Appreciation in Archbold

Joyce Klingelsmith(M) accepts check from Valerie Meyers(L) and Nick Radoicic(R)

The holiday season is a terrific time of year, particularly because it awakens the spirit of giving in all of us. On December 18th, Staff Management | SMX was able to give back to a community that it only recently became a part of. Our partnership with Sauder Woodworking and Manufacturing kicked off in Archbold, Ohio in July 2013, however we received such a warm welcome that we immediately felt right at home.

In an effort to give back to this community, Director of Operations Nick Radoicic, Account Manager Valerie Meyers and Account Supervisors Kevin Baez and Curtis Turner sought out to support the Archbold Community Library through five thousand dollar donation. The Archbold Community Library has moved several times since its initial opening in 1917. A new library was opened in 1940 and remained in the same building until 1995, when Sauder donated over $1.5 million to build a new building directly across the street. Library facilities nearly tripled. The new building opened in August of 1995 and was dedicated on November 12, 1995.

Days before Staff Management | SMX announced its intentions to donate, the library was denied a five thousand dollar grant to buy new children’s books, as spending for this section of the library was reduced by state budget cuts. Upon receiving the news of the five thousand dollar donation, Joyce Klingelsmith, Director of Archbold Community Library stated, “We deeply appreciate Staff Management | SMX’s desire to support the community in this way and the enthusiastic spirit in which it was given. A gift to the library truly is a gift to everyone in the community.”

On Wednesday, December 18 Staff Management | SMX held a holiday open house for Archbold associates and presented the check to Ms. Klingelsmith. Staff Management | SMX donated five hundred dollars to Sauder’s United Way Campaign as well. The holiday open house was available to all associates before or after their shifts. Open house attendees were treated to food and raffle prizes and a fun spin-the-wheel game. The event was a success as it gave Staff Management | SMX an opportunity to share our appreciation for our client, our associates and the entire Archbold community.


Content with Contingent

The contingent workforce is making a comeback. Granted, it is a comeback that nobody believed would be necessary over a decade ago. According to Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the projected ten-year growth rate was over 50 percent in 2002, yet the reality was closer to a third of that with an actual growth rate of 18 percent for that period. Staffing hit a peak of $132 billion in 2007, however the industry reached a low of $91.8 billion in 2009. On the bright side, it seems as though the dark cloud has finally passed and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the staffing industry will exceed $132 billion in the near future.

The American Staffing Association (ASA) reported that the upward trend in temporary help services continued this past month with an addition of 22,000 temporary help services jobs. The year-over-year increase in temporary jobs grew by 8.6 percent. In the month of November, the temporary penetration rate reached a peak of 2.03 percent that was last recorded in 2000, prior to hitting a low of 1.34 percent in May 2009. Currently at 2.02 percent, the figure has suppliers and buyers looking forward to a prosperous future and a faster economic recovery throughout the world.

According to, the use of contingent labor is on the rise industry-wide, thus contingent labor solutions, including managed service provider and vendor on premise programs are gaining interest. BLS data predicts that between 2008 and 2018, staffing companies will add jobs at nearly double the rate of estimated job growth overall. Industry professionals are noticing the increased interest in contingent workforce solutions, particularly industry leaders that are participating in conferences and summits. Staff Management | SMX can certainly speak to this as we experienced firsthand the largest turn out to-date at the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Contingent Workforce Summit (CWS) in September. It can be argued the staffing sphere is becoming more attractive because of its ability to quickly adapt its programs to economic, political and technological changes.

Staffing is an industry that understands the necessity of continuous improvement and rapid evolution. Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) mentions that the contingent labor category is expanding beyond just temporary workers to include part-time employees, contract workers and independent consultants, staffing agency employees, interns and seasonal workers. The opportunity for flexible scheduling makes workers more likely to seek work through a staffing provider and the ability to evaluate a candidate before engaging in a long-term relationship can greatly reduce costs for employers. In SIA’s 2012 Contingent Buyer’s Survey, buyer’s reported saving a median 13% of their expense budget as a result of using contingent labor. Contingent workforce programs also certify that new hires understand what is expected and ensure that companies reap what they SOW.

SIA defines a statement of work (SOW) as a document that serves as an attachment to a contract between two organizations and acts as a guideline for what should be included in a project and contextualizes expectations. It essentially holds workers accountable for delivering on the objectives the client identified within a timeframe specified by the client. An SOW differs from a traditional contingent worker relationship in which an hourly pay rate and bill rate is applied. Taking into account the scope of a project, an SOW can be a more efficient method to achieve a project-based deliverable. SOW use for contingent labor has saturated the IT space and is gaining interest across all other corporate functions. A well administrated SOW boasts the benefits of cost containment and risk protection for the customer. An SOW can also ensure appropriate worker classification, proper onboarding and off-boarding and adherence to the contractual language in the SOW. SIA’s VMS/MSP Competitive Landscape report indicates a rise in SOW spend, going through MSP and VMS, thus several companies are bringing SOW spend under their contingent workforce programs and the trend, along with prosperity of the staffing industry show no signs of slowing down.


United Cargo Announces Partnership with Staff Management | SMX

United Cargo LogoUnited Cargo announced today the completion of the transition of cargo handling services at George Bush International Airport in Houston (IAH) to Staff Management | SMX. A global leader recognized throughout the staffing provider industry for innovative workforce management solutions, Staff Management | SMX won the prestigious 2012 American Business Award for Company of the Year.

The change to Staff Management | SMX was the culmination of a two-month process. Staff Management | SMX, in a collaboration with local United Airport Operation leaders, directed a Lean Six Sigma initiative to ensure the most effective transition of all cargo service partner staffing and management in IAH while improving the station’s customer service performance.
“Our goal was to execute a seamless transition for our cargo customers, but we did better than that, said Ana Bendana, United’s Senior Manager, IAH Cargo Operations. “Our success percentage in the critical “flown as planned” metric has risen 14 points since the transition began. With the changeover complete, we expect even more progress.”

“Staff Management | SMX provides staffing and warehouse management for several leading organizations in cargo, supply chain and third-party logistic industries, “ said Mark Albrecht, Director, United Cargo Logistics. “These companies set the highest standards for efficiency and quality from their service partners. To be the world’s leading cargo carrier, United Cargo must consistently deliver this level of excellence to our customers. Staff Management | SMX has proven they can help us achieve that in IAH.”

For the convenience of United Cargo’s customers, the IAH pickup and drop-off locations, phone and fax contact numbers have not changed. United Cargo’s IAH Cargo Facility remains open 24 hours a day, every day in the year.

Caroline Storey-Sabetti

Staff Management | SMX Moves Up SIA’s List of Largest Global Firms

We are pleased to announce that we have been included on the Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) 2013 List of Largest Global Staffing Firms. Staff Management | SMX’s best ever ranking represents a nearly 12% jump up the much anticipated list of largest global firms. According to the most recent statistics from the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies, there are 140,000 staffing firms globally.

In 2013 Staff Management | SMX also achieved its best ever rankings on SIA’s lists of largest US firms and largest industrial firms. The company was well positioned for the 2013 rankings based on strong 2012 performance of more than 15% growth compared to the industry which grew at just 7%. The strong performance has continued in 2013 with double digit growth lead by healthy new client acquisition and existing client expansion. The company’s Outsourced Workforce Management (OWM) model has experienced particularly healthy growth.

The company was also ranked in the top two Managed Service Providers globally for the 3rd straight year on HRO Today Magazine’s 2013 Baker’s Dozen and was recognized for innovation in HR technology with a 2013 TekTonic Award. In 2013 Joan Davison, Staff Management | SMX President and Chief Operating Officer, was included on The Staffing 100 – the definitive list of the 100 most influential people in the industry.

“This positive performance has been led by the strength of our Outsourced Workforce Management (OWM) model,” says Davison. “Both our OWM and Managed Service Provider (MSP) models meet unique needs in the marketplace and deliver high levels of end-user satisfaction. We continue to invest in process and technology improvements to further enhance our operating model and our ability to provide industry leading service levels to our world-class clients.”

Caroline Storey-Sabetti

Introducing Wayne Walker – Our 2013 Associate of the Year

Wayne Walker (R) with (L to R) Steve Willison, Tom Sheldon and Chris Lewis

Wayne Walker is the Staff Management | SMX 2013 Associate of the Year. Wayne works on assignment at Beverage-Air in Brookville, PA on a refrigeration cabinet assembly line. Beverage-Air is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the food service industry.

Wayne’s Story

In her nomination, Barb Clark of Beverage-Air says, “Wayne has great performance and attendance. He is dependable, pays attention to detail, accepts responsibility willingly and demonstrates a high-level of self-confidence. Wayne is highly conscientious about the quality of his work and works well independently.” Steven Willison, Staff Management | SMX Senior Account Manager, adds that “Wayne is a model associate who goes above and beyond every day to ensure that his line performs well. He is grateful for the work and exhibits a positive attitude which helps those around him stay upbeat and positive.”

Wayne Walker with Jerry Park and Barb Clark of Beverage-Air

When asked the secret of his stellar performance, Wayne modestly responds, “Everyone is good at something different. I’ve always been good with my hands. When you work with people that you enjoy it makes a big difference. Our team gets along very well which makes it easier to do a good job.” Steven Willison of Staff Management | SMX explains that the entire Beverage-Air-Staff Management | SMX team appreciates “Wayne’s fantastic attitude just as much as they appreciate his great performance.” Barb Clark of Beverage-Air adds, “Wayne is happy to be here every day and it shows. He demonstrates outstanding teamwork and maintains his positive attitude and great performance even under pressure.”

Wayne came to work for Staff Management | SMX after working in construction for many years. Wayne explains that he was “looking for a more reliable job because construction work was too dependent on the weather. Factory work was new to me, but I’ve always been handy and good with tools, so I’ve found the work easy to pick up after a little adjustment.” Barb Clark of Beverage-Air adds, “Wayne is a very fast learner. He can do any job, adapts well to change and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.” Steven Willison of Staff Management | SMX shares that, “when Beverage-Air bought a new jig for Wayne’s line, he took the initiative to jump right in and help design his new work station to ensure that he could work efficiently and the line could maintain its strong performance.”

A natural do-it-yourselfer, Wayne has worked from an early age and has a well developed work ethic which he displays at home as well as at work. “I’ve always liked to work. My mother raised us to be able to do things for ourselves, so I do all of the mechanical and repair work at home.” In fact, Wayne credits the success of his 36-year-marriage to his wife Diana to their shared work ethic and the enjoyment they get from working on projects together. They’ve done everything from rebuilding her dream car, a ‘74 Mustang, to rehabilitating an abandoned house and working on assignment through Staff Management | SMX at Beverage-Air—together.

Wayne Walker Celebrates with Melissa Carlson and Steven Willison from Staff Management | SMX

To recognize Wayne’s accomplishments, Staff Management | SMX Vice President of Operations, Tom Sheldon, will visit Wayne at the Beverage Air site in Brookville, PA on September 19, 2013 for a celebration with the Beverage Air and Staff Management | SMX team. Tom will thank Wayne for his contributions and will present him with His and Hers L.L. Bean Upland Hunter Field Coats and $1,000 in spending money.


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Please Connect with Us at Wisconsin’s Manufacturing First Expo & Conference

We are looking forward to participating in Wisconsin’s Manufacturing First Expo and Conference on Thursday, October 31 at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay. The conference will give Wisconsin manufacturers hands-on opportunities to connect and learn from local manufacturers and other voices within the industry and will provide key strategies for capturing and retaining skilled talent and best practices and innovation in a global society. To learn more about the event view the full program here.

As a leading provider of outsourced workforce management for the manufacturing industry we would like to connect with you to share our strategies to optimize workforce mix, elevate supplier performance and reduce total cost of ownership. With over 25 years of expertise in light industrial staffing, Staff Management | SMX builds sustainable value for our world-class clients through innovative workforce management solutions that provide best talent, drive compliance and yield tangible savings.

Please visit us at our  booth to learn more and to register for a chance to win great prizes!

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