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We’re eager to connect you with the new opportunity you’ve been seeking. Cue the virtual handshake.

At Staff Management | SMX, we connect job seekers like you with meaningful work at leading companies across North America. Each year, we connect tens of thousands of associates with rewarding positions in the light-industrial sector and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a temporary job, direct placement opportunity with one of our clients or you’re interested in starting a career with Staff Management | SMX — we’ve got a job that’s right for you.

Temporary & Seasonal Jobs

If you’re looking for temporary or seasonal employment with leading companies across North America, we’ve got you covered. Each year, we connect thousands of associates with temporary and seasonal jobs in the light-industrial sector and beyond.

Our recruitment teams are on hand to help you find the position you’ve been searching for today. So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in becoming part of the Staff Management | SMX team, follow the link below to search open positions near you!


Direct Placement Opportunities

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, our recruiters are looking for you. Our temp-to-hire and direct-hire teams connect semiskilled and high-skill candidates like you with positions in manufacturing, distribution, logistics, call centers, customer experience and more.

We’re looking to place talent with diverse skills and experience levels in positions with our clients across North America. Our recruiters will work with you throughout the application process to ensure we find you the perfect opportunity.


Careers at Staff Management | SMX

Interested in a career with Staff Management | SMX? We are a diverse group of energetic, dedicated and self-motivated people that are passionate about providing our clients with exceptional service and innovative solutions. Together we create meaningful, long-term partnerships with our clients.

We’re a fun loving team that gets excited about meeting a new challenge and we never miss a chance to celebrate a victory. Sound like you? Search our career opportunities today!


You asked. We answered.

I finished my application, why hasn’t someone called me back for an interview? 2017-06-20T19:44:31+00:00

It’s possible that you did not complete the entire application process. We recommend logging in to see if there are still documents pending for you to complete. If there are no documents pending, it is possible that we have not had an opportunity to review your application yet. It can take up to 10 business days to review applications.

After I have completed all the necessary paperwork, how long will it take to receive a call for a job offer? 2017-06-09T15:13:37+00:00

In many cases, you can schedule yourself directly to an interview onsite. Otherwise, if you don’t receive a response within 10 business days, feel free to call the site directly at the phone number that was provided at the end of your application.

Do I have to pay to get a job with Staff Management | SMX? 2017-06-09T15:15:17+00:00

No! You will never have to pay to become part of our team.

How do I apply and what do I need? 2017-06-20T20:54:42+00:00

There are a few ways to apply for a new opportunity. Depending on the type of job you’re looking for, do one of the following to apply:

  1. For careers at Staff Management | SMX, search and apply for opportunities here. Follow any application instructions carefully.
  2. For direct placement opportunities with our clients, search and apply here. Follow any application instructions carefully.
  3. For temporary or seasonal jobs with our clients, visit apply.smjobs.com to apply online or visit your local Staff Management | SMX office to apply in person. Please call 855-SMJOBS1 if you need information about a local office. To apply in person, be sure to do the following:
    • Please bring two forms of ID with you. One should be a government-issued photo ID like a Driver’s License, Military card or Passport
    • For some positions, proof of education (diploma, GED, etc.) may be required
    • Each location varies regarding its pre-employment requirements. Background checks and drug tests are required at most locations. Credit checks may be required for certain roles if you will be working with private customer data. Math, reading, perception or other tests may be required as well
    • For specific requirements, please visit apply.smjobs.com and refer to the specific job listing
What types of temporary positions does Staff Management | SMX offer? 2017-06-20T20:05:14+00:00

Staff Management | SMX has offered a number of different positions in the following fields. Please visit apply.smjobs.com to see what positions are near you!

  • Manufacturing and industrial jobs
  • Distribution and warehouse jobs
  • Call center and customer service jobs
  • Office, administrative and clerical jobs
  • Professional, specialty and high-skill jobs
How do I search for positions in my area? 2017-06-20T20:03:32+00:00

Staff Management | SMX has multiple positions in a number of different locations. You can search for position(s) that work best for you and apply directly online. From there you’ll be presented with a list of positions in your area. Use one of the following links to search and apply!

Temporary and seasonal jobs >

Direct hire opportunities >

Career opportunities >

Why should I become part of the Staff Management | SMX team? 2017-06-09T15:21:20+00:00

Our employee’s safety and well-being are our highest priorities, a safe and clean workplace is our guarantee. No experience is required in many roles and temp-to-hire opportunities are available.

Examples of employee benefits:

  • Weekly paychecks
  • Flexible schedules for students or part-time candidates
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Direct deposit or cash card options
  • Paid training
  • Competitive pay rates
Does Staff Management | SMX offer health benefits? 2017-06-09T15:22:04+00:00

Staff Management | SMX offers health insurance benefits to all workers at the time of hire in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual mandate.

“I love my job! Staff Management | SMX is one of the best companies I have worked with.”

– 10/10 Satisfaction Rating

“I love working for Staff Management | SMX. It’s the only staffing agency I know of that cares about workers’ safety and opinions.”

– 10/10 Satisfaction Rating

“I really enjoy my job with Staff Management | SMX. I’ve advanced my position, received a raise and made some great friends.”

– 9/10 Satisfaction Rating

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